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    Hello, my name is Bosss(ボッス).

    My Purpose is to see a playthrough of Biohazard Revelations with the Infinite Rocket Launcher. I must see it in order to have my idea of being a rocket launcher god to fight B.O.Ws, such as the skagdead, the scarmiglione, and the Malacoda. And in order to see that effect, I must feel it. So, by seeing a playthrough of the game with the infinite rocket launcher, I can not only see but also feel as nessecary.

    Remember that in Biohazard Darkside Chronicles that you have to get headshots as part of getting an S rank? In Biohazard Revelations, you don't need headshots for an S rank. You can use the Infinite Rocket Launcher.

    That's why I'm begging you to gave me a playthrough. Please do a playthrough with this ultima ……

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